Iphone Water Damage – The worst nightmare!

What to do with an Iphone water damage

Getting your Iphone drenched is one of the worst things that can happen to it. This is because the paid-for warranty as well as the Apple Care plan specifically excludes any faults caused by water.

Your Iphone may stop working if it gets submerged in water in the pool, sink, tub or toilet. So what should you do if this happens to you?

Well, the first thing you have to avoid is to return it to the Apple store or even the Carphone Warehouse and try to pretend that the problem is has nothing to do with water. You should know that the Iphone has got 4 ‘liquid submersion indicators’ within it that turn pink when it comes into contact with water or any other liquid. So, they’ll easily know if you are lying.  Iphone water damage

You can see one of the circular sensors by looking down the headphone socket using a bright light. If the Iphone suffered water damage, the circular sensor will be pink in one half and white in the other.

So what should you do if Apple can’t or won’t help? Well, do not give up hope. There have been many cases online of people who dried out their wet Iphones successfully and were able to use them again.

Note: if your Iphone has been completely submerged in water, do not attempt restarting it by connecting it to a power source. The following are the steps you should follow in order to dry out the Iphone and have the best shot at saving it.

How to dry out a water-damaged Iphone

It is recommended that you put the drenched Iphone in rice. Take a large amount of rice and put it inside a closed bag. Then take your Iphone and put it inside the rice. You don’t need to wrap the Iphone or do anything as the rice won’t do it any harm. The purpose of the rice is to suck all the moisture out. You should change the rice every day if you decide to try out this method.

Another method to dry out the Iphone is to apply some sort of heat against it. You can use either the small room heater or blow dryer. You should run the low-heat air through the phone for half an hour, to one hour in every two hours. Doing this will help dry the moisture out.

Remember that your ultimate goal is to get rid of the moisture. So do not turn on the phone until you are absolutely sure that the moisture is gone for good. It is recommended that you wait for 2-7 days before you turn on the Iphone, but the length of time depends on the amount of water/liquid that came into contact with your phone.

Finally, after you have done all of that, you can slowly turn on the phone. Astonishingly, many people found out that these methods of drying out and waiting made their Iphones completely work. These people had their Iphones accidentally drop in water in the sink, pool, tub, and other water sources. However, the above methods may not work if your Iphone stays in water for over 15 minutes. Nonetheless, if your Iphone accidentally drops into water for just a few seconds to even one minute, then, in most cases, drying it out and waiting will make it work again.

Apple replacement policy and procedures for Iphone water damage

You can now have your Iphone replaced by Apple for about $199 in their store. But Apple will not replace an Iphone damaged by water because it is not covered in their warranty.

Yes, the Iphone you have may have a 1 year or 2 year warranty. But it does not cover water damage. Apple Iphone comes with 4 sensors on the phone-you can see two of them when your turn it on, while you can’t get access to the other two. The first visible sensor is in the earpiece hole, the small circular hole on the top left side of the Iphone. The second one is located at the bottom middle separating the connector. When you shine some light and then look at any of the two sides, the sensor will have turned pink if the Iphone came into contact with water. Therefore, your warranty will not be honored by the Apple store as the sensor is pink.

But there is some good news all of us should hear. Apparently, Apple has made a change in its policy. If your Iphone gets damaged by water and the sensors turn pink, Apple can replace it with a refurbished one at a lower price. You can pay just $199 for a refurbished phone but your warranty will only be for 90 days. In any case, this is quite a big difference if you consider that the cost of getting a new Iphone ranges from $599 to $699.

What are the repair options for an Iphone damaged by water?

If your Iphone suffers water damage and the sensors are pink, you can try to dry it out. But if it does not work after that, you may have to consider taking it to be repaired.

You will be charged a small fee as the phone is first evaluated for damage. After that, you will be told how much to pay to have it repaired. At this point, you have to decide whether to have the phone repaired or get yourself a new one. But it is not a bad idea to have your phone looked at. You never know. You might find that they are able to repair it, so you won’t have to get yourself a new one, especially if you bought it recently.

When all is said and done, having your Iphone damaged by water can be devastating. If your Iphone accidentally drops into water in the sink, tub, toilet, or even pool, its warranty does not cover water damage, so you can’t have it replaced. But you can try to dry it out and see if works again. If it doesn’t, then you may want to replace it with a refurbished one from the Apple store for just $199.



  • happy
    March 22, 2012 - 6:02 pm | Permalink

    I dropped my Iphone in the toilet 3 months ago and tried everything to get it back working but with no success. Today I randomly plugged it and it WORKS just fine!?!? I cannot believe that I have my phone back :)

  • Carkiro
    March 23, 2012 - 1:38 pm | Permalink

    Do you know where to go to get a refurbished iphone after having Iphone water damage? Pls help me!

    • applefan
      March 23, 2012 - 1:50 pm | Permalink

      You can just go to closest Apple store to get a refurbished iphone.

  • Owen
    March 29, 2012 - 2:36 pm | Permalink

    His word is as good as his bond.

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